If you are a compounder, you know that when making your soap, a good chemical supplier is key. Service Chemical Industries, Inc. regularly trades in all of the common organics, inorganics and surfactants commonly used in the soap making process. We do our very best to get your ingredients at the most competitive prices and with flexible, fast delivery.


Citric Acid
DDBSA – 98%
EDTA – 39%
Glycol Ether EB
Hydrochloric Acid – 20 Degree
Phosphoric Acid – 75% and 85%
Sulfuric Acid – 93% and 98%
Hydrofluoric Acid – 49%
Phosphate Ester
Potassium Hydroxide – Liquid, 45%
Soda Ash
Sodium Hydroxide – Dry
Sodium Hydroxide – Liquid, All Strengths
Sodium Hypochlorite
Sodium Metasilicate – Anhydrous and Pentahydrate
STPP – Light, Medium and Dense
SXS – 40%
TSP – Crystal and Anhydrous